Steam Profile Analysis Troubleshooting

Seeing General Stats but 0 Hours Played?

Make sure your Steam profile is public. Here's the how-to from Steam Support:

There are three states of profile privacy: Public, Friends Only, and Private.
To change your profile setting, you can:
  1. Log into your Steam Community Profile
  2. Click the Edit my SteamID page link
  3. Click the Settings link
  4. Choose your privacy state
  5. Click the Save button

Not getting any stats at all?

Make sure you're inputting the right information into the form.

Find your Steam profile on Steam Community. The url will look one of two ways:
If you're looking at the first option, the part that comes after the /id/ is your SteamID
If you're looking at the second option, apparently you haven't set up a SteamID and the part that comes after the /profiles/ is your Profile Number

Try inputting your data again and see if it works now.

Steam data doesn't go past March 2009

Steam starting logging play time in March 2009, so any data prior to that day won't be captured in this utility.

0 Hours Played for DLCs

Steam does some funky business where DLC game time is rolled up into the main game. I plan to roll out a future release that precludes DLC from showing up in the calculation.